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We have a wealth of experience in stone masonry, lime pointing and roughcasting. Our skilled team can repair and clean your stone work so it complements the rest of your home whilst being environmentally friendly. Find out more.

External Structural Repairs in Edinburgh

External structural repairs must be carried out by a professional construction expert or roofing specialist in Edinburgh. At Weatherproof we provide extensive external structural repair experience, damp proofing expertise, waterproofing and weatherproofing solutions, and external structural advice and support. We specialise in non-intrusive and professional external structural repairs, including crack injection and crack stitching services in the Edinburgh area.

What Causes External Structural Damage?

External structural damage can be caused by long-term environmental changes, changes in weather, flooding, ground movement, and subsidence. This results in cracks in masonry due to constant weathering, ground movement, or increasing loads. All of this can cause instability, foundation issues, and cracks in walls and much more on your property.

Remember – the longer your external structural damage goes untreated, the greater the risk to the structural integrity of your property. Your home could become damaged so badly that it creates further internal problems that ultimately make your home unliveable.

At Weatherproof, we possess the latest tools and techniques to solve many external structural issues.

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Crack Injection Services

Many brickwork, masonry and concrete external structural issues can be solved using crack injection resins. Weatherproof is one of the leading specialists in crack injection technology in Edinburgh.

Why Choose Crack Injection?
  • Crack injection resins are cheap and effective
  • They provide external structural repairs for cracks
  • Crack injection treatments prevent future damage
  • They cause minimal external surface changes
  • The treatment is quick and simple for a professional
  • Crack injection resins offer a waterproof seal that prevents future water damage.
What are the Benefits of Crack Injection?

Crack injection resins are unique, cost-effective, and efficient methods of repairing external cracks – whether it's large fissures or smaller cracks on the surface of your property. Crack injection resin is a mechanical sealant which dust and moisture won't effect. There is an immediate reaction with the sealant which is helpful in emergency construction situations.

Crack Stitching Services

Crack stitching from Weatherproof is a comprehensive cracked wall reinforcement and masonry repair solution for residential and industrial customers in Edinburgh. We have a team of external structural experts who can advise and support you with any structural or building problems you might be experiencing with your property in the Edinburgh area.

What does Crack Stitching Involve?

Perfect for vertical cracking, crack stitching involves stainless steel reinforced rods being chemically bonded into bed joints in your property to stitch together cracks on the external structure. The rods are grouted across the external cracks, which redistributes tensile forces. This stabilises the structure of your property as well as strengthens and reconnects masonry and cracks. After the process is complete, the rods will be hidden and your external structural façade will look smooth, new, and strong.

What are the Benefits of Crack Stitching Solutions?
  • Crack stitching solutions are strong, effective and permanent
  • The technique allows natural movement and expansion
  • The process is quick and simple
  • The crack stitching process won't disrupt your family or business at all
For more information about our crack injection and crack stitching services in Edinburgh, or to book an evaluation of your external structural issues with our structural engineers and construction specialists at Weatherproof, send us a message on the Contact page or phone us directly today.
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