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Internal Structural Repairs in Edinburgh

If you need any type of internal structural repairs in your home, commercial property, or business premises, we have skilful and professional builders on-hand at Weatherproof in Edinburgh who can assist you with internal structural work, external structural repairs, damp proofing, waterproofing, and ongoing advice and support for all your building needs.

Why Might you Need Internal Structural Repairs?

There are several reasons why you might need internal structural repairs to your home and there are a number of internal structural repair services that we perform at Weatherproof:

  • Steel beam insertion
  • Load bearing wall removing
  • Door slap outs & window cut out work.
  • Removal of damaged lintels.

You might require internal structural work carried out at your property for renovation or expansion work, kitchen conversions in your home, or if you want to install new windows and doors.

Load Bearing Wall Removal & Steel Beam Insertion

You may want to remove a load bearing wall to expand rooms in your home, to knock into a room to make a dining and living room open-plan space, or to enlarge your kitchen. Removing load bearing walls is a specialist job that should always be carried out by a building professional – a shoddy job could cause your internal roofing to cave in or entire rooms to become unstable.

What are load bearing walls used for?

  • Taking the weight from the roof – so all roofing work and loft conversions will have to consider the load bearing wall and if it's crucial to the structure of the roof.
  • Holding the weight of a floor above in two-storey house or multi-level structure – that means, removing the wrong wall or internal structure could have devastating effects.
  • Holding an internal staircase structure.
  • Carrying the weight of a gable wall above the load bearing wall.
  • Taking the weight of the chimney on the final floor of the structure.

A specialist builder from Weatherproof in Edinburgh will safely prop the load bearing wall before it is removed and a concrete lintel or steel beam is inserted in its place. The beam will be packed, secured, and tested to ensure durability and strength of the internal structure of your property.

Door Slap Outs & Window Cut Outs

Door slap outs are often required if you need a new door opening in a load bearing wall. These might be required in kitchen extensions, room conversions, or renovation works that provide new rooms in a property.

What kind of door and window slap outs do we provide at Weatherproof?

  • Repositioning of inner kitchen doors due to kitchen extensions or renovations.
  • External windows transformed into patio doors from dining room into garden area, for example.
  • Turning one room into two, e.g. open-plan lounge into a lounge and dining room via French doors.

All new door inserts, window cut outs and door slap out work requires new lintels to be added to the internal structure to carry the load from above. Door inserts are extremely intricate jobs and require specialist attention. At Weatherproof, we can assess the internal structure and door requirements with the help of a qualified structural engineer. Calculations and measurements will be required to obtain planning permission for any internal structural repairs or major changed to load bearing walls in the property. We can help with all aspects of your internal structural repairs or renovations at Weatherproof in Edinburgh.

Damaged Lintel Replacement

A damaged lintel can cause serious and long-term structural problems in your property if left untreated. A damaged lintel area puts pressure on other areas of the wall, which can cause cracks, collapse, or sagging in the internal structure of your home. At Weatherproof, our expert builders and roofing experts can securely prop the damaged area, cut out the lintel, and replace it with a newer and stronger lintel.

To talk to an internal structural builder specialist or to book an evaluation of your load bearing walls in Edinburgh, contact us by email or phone at Weatherproof today.
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